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The Eliot Rose Team

Transitioning into retirement is stressful. Our team makes it easier. You’ll move into retirement with confidence and real peace of mind.

Most financial planners put your plan together in as few as three meetings. We don’t think that’s enough.

Our partnership begins with a full year of coaching and mentoring. Your retirement transition is just too important to rush.


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FPA: Being part of the Financial Planning Association keeps our brains sharp and knowledge current. It's like being lifelong students in a school where every subject is all about helping you thrive financially.

Fee-Only Network: Our inclusion in the Fee-Only Network demonstrates our commitment to clear, honest advice. You can think of it as a guarantee that our guidance is based solely on what benefits you, keeping your financial future bright and clear.

NAPFA: Belonging to the National Association of Financial Advisors means we're all about 'fee-only' advice - no hidden agendas or commissions. Picture us as your dependable ally, always making your financial interests our top priority.

CFP: The Certified Financial Planner badge isn't just decoration. It's proof that we're equipped to build you a solid, comprehensive financial plan - think of us as master architects in financial plan development.

CFA: Holding the Chartered Financial Analyst title is like being an investment detective - Sherlock Holmes style. We dive deep into your investments to make sure they're optimized to meet your goals.

IWI: Our membership with the Investments & Wealth Institute gives us the inside track on the latest wealth management strategies. Plus, our Retirement Management Analyst (RMA) designation means we're skilled retirement navigators – our focus.



Google Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Lori Taylor
Lori Taylor
We contact Jason. Paul and Kris one year before our retirement and they have guided us from there and beyond. They continue to provide us with a sound plan and advice that give us the confidence and peace of mind in retirement. We would highly recommend them.
Spencer Frenchman
Spencer Frenchman
I couldn’t ask for better communication. Jason, Paul, and Kris provide excellent advice and really take the time to listen to and address all of your concerns
Marissa Chase
Marissa Chase
Jason, Paul, and Kris are a perfect financial team. They have worked with us to tailor an investment strategy to our needs. They have been insightful, responsive, and extremely kind. They truly go above and beyond. My mom has been a client with them for 20+ years, and I contacted them about financial advice a few years ago. My mom has always said she owes her financial stability to them and has always been extremely grateful for her relationship with them. I see why - they have made us feel secure, heard, and that our financial goals are attainable. We look forward to working with them throughout our lives!
Phil Mahoney
Phil Mahoney
It is a pleasure working with Jason, Paul and Kris. Marci and I find them professional, very knowledgeable, informative and timely. Choosing to work with them has proven to be one of the smartest decisions we have made for our financial future. Can't say enough about what an enjoyable experience it is to work with them. Phil & Marci
Eric Menke
Eric Menke
My wife and I began working with Eliot Rose about four years ago. Their investment strategy for us has been successful during those financially turbulent years. They set us up with an elder care attorney and work in tandem with our tax accountant to provide the overall guidance we need to ensure a comfortable retirement.
Kathy Hutchinson
Kathy Hutchinson
Jason and Paul have been very tremendously helpful in walking me through the financial planning for retirement process and have linked me to other great resources I needed for Medicare and trust planning. I am now looking forward to retiring at the end of the year. Thanks for everything! KH
Deborah Gourd
Deborah Gourd
We have been working with Jason, Paul, and Kris for nine months and all have been invaluable in planning, creating, and executing our retirement plan. Their professionalism, knowledge, and insights to financial planning, especially in this uncertain economic climate made it easier to fully understand our current financial snapshot and future wants and needs in retirement. We are very pleased with, and highly recommend the Elliot, Rose team!!
Jake Bissaro
Jake Bissaro
Highly recommended for fee-only, unbiased financial advice. My wife and I worked with Jason and Paul over the course of a year, and they helped us set up a comprehensive investment plan. If you don't know your way around finances and investments on your own, chances are Eliot Rose's services will end up netting you far more money long term than their fee—in our case, it has already.
Rebecca Brooks
Rebecca Brooks
I highly recommend Eliot Rose. Jason and Paul are great to work with. I feel so much more knowledgeable and confident about the planning for my retirement even in times as uncertain as these.
Jason Allegretti
Jason Allegretti
Jason and Eliot Rose are on my short list of financial advisers that I strongly recommend. They are responsive, reliable, and treat every client as individuals based on their specific needs. If you are nearing retirement age and are looking for guidance to how and if you can transition to next phase of your life, please give them a call.

*Google reviews are from current & past clients. No one was compensated for their review.

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This assures there are no hidden commissions or secret referral fees. We believe this is the only type of advisor who can truly provide unbiased and objective financial advice.

All new relationships begin with our financial planning engagement. We believe sound financial advice can only be provided after a deep understanding of your life.

Our financial planning process will include many meetings, each addressing a specific topic. Our meetings will generally follow the schedule below.

Meeting 1 (45 minutes)


We will ask questions (lots of them!) to understand where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow. The information we gather will serve as the foundation of your plan.

Meeting 2 (45 minutes)

Asset Map & Retirement Goals

We will create your Asset Map. An Asset Map is a visual representation of your financial life on one single page. We will also break up your goals into Needs, Wants, and Wishes.

Meeting 3 (45 to 60 minutes)

The Big Reveal

This is where your financial plan starts to come to life! In this meeting, we answer the question: “Are we going to be okay?” We will show the current success of your plan, walk-through optimization strategies, and understand the decisions that create the biggest impact.

Meeting 4 (45 minutes)

Retirement Stress Test & Estate Planning

Life has many twists and turns. The goal is to have a general plan to protect against these “what-ifs.” It doesn’t need to be perfect – we will refine this as retirement unfolds.

Meeting 5 (45 minutes)

Retirement Funding & “Best Portfolio”

Now that you have a successful plan in place, we want to strengthen it. Our goal is to align your portfolio with your goals and risk profile. There is a lot to unpack here, feel free to ask as many questions as needed!

Meeting 6 (30 minutes)

Checking In

We covered a lot up until this point. We will review our prior discussions and revisit our recommendations. If anything is still unclear, we want to walk through it. Our goal is to provide an education, not a booklet.

Meeting 7 (30 to 45 minutes)


We hope you feel good about the progress you have made so far! We will bring in Kris Sao Bento, our Client Services Director, to discuss logistics and how we work with clients on an ongoing basis.