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"It isn't just about money.

It's about shaping the life of your dreams."

"It isn't just about money. It's about shaping the life of your dreams."

Our Process in a Nutshell:

"Children of our clients

are our clients."

We often help with:

How We Help


Sustainable Spending Lab

We’ll give you precise saving/spending targets that maximize spending, yet safely assure a lifetime of fund security.

Financial Planning

More than just numbers, we custom tailor comprehensive plans that optimize both saving and spending.

Investment Management

New advanced tools now enable safer, high-return investments and unprecedented market insight.

Have More Questions?

We’re eager to hear about your financial goals and concerns. Let’s arrange a no-pressure get-together to find out if we’re a good fit for one another.

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All new relationships begin with our financial planning engagement. We believe sound financial advice can only be provided after a deep understanding of your life.

Our financial planning process will include many meetings, each addressing a specific topic. Our meetings will generally follow the schedule below.

Meeting 1 (45 minutes)


We will ask questions (lots of them!) to understand where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow. The information we gather will serve as the foundation of your plan.

Meeting 2 (45 minutes)

Asset Map & Retirement Goals

We will create your Asset Map. An Asset Map is a visual representation of your financial life on one single page. We will also break up your goals into Needs, Wants, and Wishes.

Meeting 3 (45 to 60 minutes)

The Big Reveal

This is where your financial plan starts to come to life! In this meeting, we answer the question: “Are we going to be okay?” We will show the current success of your plan, walk-through optimization strategies, and understand the decisions that create the biggest impact.

Meeting 4 (45 minutes)

Retirement Stress Test & Estate Planning

Life has many twists and turns. The goal is to have a general plan to protect against these “what-ifs.” It doesn’t need to be perfect – we will refine this as retirement unfolds.

Meeting 5 (45 minutes)

Retirement Funding & “Best Portfolio”

Now that you have a successful plan in place, we want to strengthen it. Our goal is to align your portfolio with your goals and risk profile. There is a lot to unpack here, feel free to ask as many questions as needed!

Meeting 6 (30 minutes)

Checking In

We covered a lot up until this point. We will review our prior discussions and revisit our recommendations. If anything is still unclear, we want to walk through it. Our goal is to provide an education, not a booklet.

Meeting 7 (30 to 45 minutes)


We hope you feel good about the progress you have made so far! We will bring in Kris Sao Bento, our Client Services Director, to discuss logistics and how we work with clients on an ongoing basis.