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Our Insights

We provide answers to common questions and concerns we hear from our clients. In this section, we share our thinking and (attempt) to bring dry topics to life. Enjoy.

Jason’s Notes

Best Financial Planners in Rhode Island

At Eliot Rose, we specialize in helping clients who are transitioning into or living in “retirement.” Retirement is intentionally in quotes because it means so many different things to different people.

However, there are many other niches where we don’t have the right expertise. As President of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Rhode Island, I have come to know many advisors who I deeply respect. This post aims to showcase those advisors that do a great job in their area of specialty.

Jason’s Notes

How We Helped Andy and Sarah Prepare for Retirement

I am sharing this short story because I think the term “financial planning” is very abstract and doesn’t capture what you actually receive from working with a financial planner.

Hopefully, this example will shed light on the type of work financial planners actually do. This story is a hypothetical because all of our client conversations are confidential.