3 Questions That Can Predict Future Quality Of Life

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3 Questions That Can Predict Future Quality Of Life

I wanted to share with you some interesting research conducted by MIT’s Age Lab, which studies aging and longevity. This particular lab at MIT has identified three important questions to assess someone’s readiness for a fulfilling and well-planned retirement. They include:

  1. Who will change my light bulb?
  2. How will I get an ice cream cone?
  3. Who will I have lunch with?

These seeming light questions ask you to consider how you will continue living as you get older. Here are these questions again, presented through a retirement lens:

  1. How will you maintain your home as physical tasks become more challenging?
  2. What will be your access to transportation so you can continue enjoying the things in life that bring you pleasure?
  3. Who will be your primary social support as you age?

These questions serve as important conversation starters as you age. I encourage you to reflect on your answers and start a dialogue with the important people in your lives (perhaps over your favorite flavor of ice cream). Facilitating this conversation is essential so that you can be prepared for later.

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