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Articles By Jason Siperstein, CFA, CFP

Gifting Strategies in 2019

While I have advised on intergenerational planning for the past decade, it certainly will hit closer to home than ever before!

How to Handle the Next Recession

Over the past ten years stocks have gone up more than 400%. The big question is whether this rally will continue.

3 Ways Financial Planners Help

I think the industry has failed to communicate what advisors do.

Are You Ready to Retire?

The AgeLab at MIT has done research on what they call the “8,000 Days” of retirement.

The Larger Issue in the College Scandal

The recent indictment alleges crazy stunts — like having a stand-in take a college entrance exam, large bribes to coaches and faculty, and even photo-doctoring to paste a student’s head onto the body of an athlete!

Read This Tomorrow

Even though we all know that saving for retirement is important, why is it so challenging?

Are You Gambling Unintentionally?

Most of you would never put yourself in a position where you could potentially lose $50,000 at a casino…

NYC Chases Amazon Out!

​Amazon chose Valentine’s Day to cancel plans for a second HQ in New York City!

The 3 Most Important Questions

The MIT Age Lab has identified three important questions you should ask yourself and your loved ones.

4 Tips When Choosing a College

Choosing a college can be stressful and exhausting. Take a look at our 4 useful tips and avoid these common mistakes!

4 Reasons to Say No to Annuities

Have you ever considered buying a variable annuity? If you have, you are not alone, but you should probably pass.

What is Financial Planning Day?

I am proud to have organized Rhode Island’s first pro-bono financial planning day.