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East Coast Ideas Conference - Our Take

Recently, Jason and I attended the East Coast Ideas Conference in Boston. In attendance were about 100 small companies presenting on their investment merits. Before going to any investment conference, Jason and I evaluate all companies and identify any worth checking out.

We have a very disciplined screening process and from the 100 presenting companies, we found five potential candidates. From there, we further analyzed and researched those five eliminating all but two companies! Both of which are already in the portfolio.

While we did not discover any new ideas worth adding to the portfolio, we view this conference as a success nonetheless. There are thousands of small public companies and we only hold about 20 in our small-cap allocation. So even though we listened and met with many potential ideas, it is not surprising we did not discover any additions. We think this further validated the strength of our current portfolio.

We had the opportunity to meet 1x1 with the management teams of our two portfolio companies in attendance. These meetings gave us further conviction and confidence in the future of these two companies.

For compliance reasons, we cannot list the specifics of our findings on our blog, but if you would like to hear the specifics of our meetings, please feel free to contact us.

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