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Someone Could be Stealing Your Identity Right Now

Keeping your information safe from cyber criminals is a top priority for us. We continue to invest in software, infrastructure, and utilize outside technology vendors to advise and provide updated security services to our network.

Right now there could be someone trying to steal information from you that can lead to stealing your identity or gaining fraudulent access to your financial accounts. There are, however, steps you can take to help prevent these crimes.


Hacking your email is a common way criminals use to gain access to bits of information that help them social engineer fraudulent activities. Delete any emails that contain personal information. Change your password often. Never click on links in unsolicited emails. If you change your email address, please notify us immediately.


Update your software regularly to the most recent version. Software makers issue a patch with security updates on a regular basis.  Use a Firewall (software/hardware) and anti-virus software on your home network.

Shred Documents

Personal shredders are inexpensive and available at most department stores or office supply stores. Shred old financial records, credit card receipts, old paid bills or unsolicited credit card offers.

Social Networks

The growth of Facebook has begun to plateau, but the folks in the over 65 demographic continues to be a driver. You can use Facebook and other sites regularly, but control the details you post. You can post the day and date of your birthday but never include the year. Do not post about your vacation the day you leave your house unattended for 10 days. You can post the fabulous pictures when you return home.


This may be the most critical takeaway. Every detail of your life resides behind the wall of your password, don’t make it easy to peer over the wall. Utilize a combination of numbers, upper and lower letters and symbols and try to make it 8 characters long. I recommend using a password manager like Last Pass or Dashlane. These are easy to use software apps that generate and track passwords for all of your banking, financial and social apps. You use one password to access multiple sites, no more juggling multiple passwords in your head. Use one to secure your home pc and mobile devices.

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