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Spring Weddings and Social Security

It occurs to me that I am a “man of a certain age.”

When I visited the doctor recently for a sore shoulder and imaging revealed nothing serious, the doctor said “Your MRI looks better than most guys your age.” I think it was a complement.

Also this spring we have been invited to several weddings. Children of our friends are beginning to get getting married - a sure sign I have entered a new life stage.

The real wake up for me was when listening to the details of their wedding plans, the honeymoon, and starting new lives together, I was thinking…make sure they update their Social Security records.

Yup, sounds a little out of synch, but our firm does a lot of financial planning for our clients and we try to fill in the easy to overlook gaps. The fact is that most young people starting out are not thinking about Social Security, but a legal name change requires a record update with the Social Security Administration.

Updating your records now, and having a new Social Security card issued today is a lot easier than trying to correct the record many years down the line. Your future benefits are tied to your earnings record so make sure it is correct. You can get the details here.

So best of luck on the wedding, enjoy the honeymoon, then come home and update your records. When you get settled, give us a call and get a financial plan. Your future will thank you.

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