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Equifax Data Breach - Assume the Worst and Protect Yourself

Equifax is one of the big three consumer credit monitoring agencies. Last week the firm announced they had been breached and consumer data exposed. The hack involved the data of almost 150 million US consumers and involved social security numbers and other personal data.

You should now assume that your data was exposed in the hack. Here is what you can do now to begin to protect yourself:

Is Your Financial Advisor Working In Your Best Interest?

In 2016 the Department of Labor (DOL) published a new rule governing the treatment of retirement accounts and the relationship between you and your financial advisor. The rule required your advisor to conduct business in your Best Interest with regard to your retirement accounts. Major Wall Street firms have lobbied against the rule.

Spring Weddings and Social Security

The real wake up for me was when listening to the details of their wedding plans, the honeymoon, and starting new lives together, I was thinking…make sure they update their Social Security records.

Someone Could be Stealing Your Identity Right Now

Right now there could be someone trying to steal information from you that can lead to stealing your identity or gaining fraudulent access to your bank accounts.

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