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What is Financial Planning Day?

Personal financial planning is essential, regardless of age or income, and it is vital to meeting life goals, such as buying a home, paying for college or achieving a secure retirement. There are millions of Americans with pressing financial questions that need answers, and unfortunately, many have not had the opportunity to discuss those questions with competent and ethical financial planners.

Equifax Data Breach - Assume the Worst and Protect Yourself

Equifax is one of the big three consumer credit monitoring agencies. Last week the firm announced they had been breached and consumer data exposed. The hack involved the data of almost 150 million US consumers and involved social security numbers and other personal data.

You should now assume that your data was exposed in the hack. Here is what you can do now to begin to protect yourself:

Experts See Hidden Danger in Index Funds

Howard Marks, one of the most respected value investors out there, warned on Thursday about inflated financial markets and the growing risk of passive investing in the infamous technology ‘FANG’ stocks.

Please check out the video below.

East Coast Ideas Conference - Our Take

Recently, Jason and I attended the East Coast Ideas Conference in Boston. In attendance were about 100 small companies presenting on their investment merits. Before going to any investment conference, Jason and I evaluate all companies and identify any worth checking out.

2017 Financial Planning Association Retreat

A few weeks ago I attended the Financial Planning Association Retreat. This conference took place just north of Atlanta, GA where advanced financial planners gathered to discuss new ideas regarding the future of the profession.

Is Your Financial Advisor Working In Your Best Interest?

In 2016 the Department of Labor (DOL) published a new rule governing the treatment of retirement accounts and the relationship between you and your financial advisor. The rule required your advisor to conduct business in your Best Interest with regard to your retirement accounts. Major Wall Street firms have lobbied against the rule.

Eliot Rose Heads North To Schneider Electric Andover

Every so often we are asked to give a presentation on the importance of financial/retirement planning. This time we spoke to the folks at Schneider Electric in their Andover office. It was a great turnout! Over 80 people showed up and many more were listening online. Here are some of the highlights:

Someone Could be Stealing Your Identity Right Now

Right now there could be someone trying to steal information from you that can lead to stealing your identity or gaining fraudulent access to your bank accounts.

Jason and Gary Head West to Meet with Portfolio Companies

Every March, Jason and I head West to Dana Point, California to participate in the annual Roth Capital Partners Conference. More than 500 companies come to the conference, hosted by the investment bank, to speak in groups and one-on-one with portfolio managers to discuss their investment merits

Key Takeaways from the Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference

I recently attended the Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) annual conference in Boston, which featured some of the best minds in the financial planning field. The speakers and attendees were some of the most innovative folks in the industry who came together over the course of four days to connect and share ideas.

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