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Gary Siperstein

President, Founder, Investment Manager

“After working for a stock brokerage firm for more than 20 years, I noticed a growing trend in the industry. It was shifting from a commissions-based model to a fee-based business model. I was early to embrace this industry movement as it put me on the same side of the table as my clients. 

I get a real kick out of hunting for small companies and discovering ones with unrecognized potential. Staying up-to-date with portfolio companies and always being on the hunt for new opportunities is very exciting to me. I feel very blessed that my business is also my passion.

I really enjoy the opportunity to speak with my clients and share my enthusiasm for our portfolio of stocks!"

Gary opened Eliot Rose Wealth Management, LLC, in June 2002. During his career as a professional investment executive, Gary has focused on small-cap value investments. He believes that historically, as a sector, small-value has achieved better returns than any other segment of the market, and continues to hold vast potential.

Gary previously served on the Board of Trustees for The Wheeler School, Temple Torat Yisrael, Jewish Alliance, and Jewish Seniors Agency along with their respective investment committees. Gary has been involved philanthropically with Boston University, The Jewish Alliance of Rhode Island, The Miriam Hospital, The Wheeler School, Jewish Seniors Agency, Community Prepratory School, and The Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk Assisted Living Facility. 

Gary and his wife Mynde reside in Rhode Island and Florida. He enjoys reading, chess, and is (finally) learning how to play golf.

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