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Kris Sao Bento

Vice President, Client Services and Portfolio Management

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“My role in Client Services gives me the opportunity to get to know clients on a personal level. I feel that having that personal connection helps to understand what matters to our clients and shows me ways that I can best achieve their goals.

I am typically the main point of contact and I can often see a pattern of questions or requests from a particular client, and this leads me to seek out a solution that may help other clients. I am always working with our contacts at Charles Schwab to utilize the latest technology solutions to facilitate more efficient servicing.

There is a real team effort here, we spend a great deal of time together discussing our client base and better ways to serve their needs.”

Kris is a proven professional who brings 30 years of financial services experience to Eliot Rose. She is involved in all aspects of client services, including transfer and transition of new clients, new account documentation, correspondence, and client satisfaction.

Kris lives in Coventry, RI with her husband and teenage son, her dog, Brando, and cats, Maximus and Luna. She loves traveling, decorating and wine.

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