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At the heart of our mission is our Lab – dedicated to addressing your most pressing questions:


Three Key

As you enter retirement, it’s time to convert your 40 years of savings into spending that lasts. Through our Lab’s research, we’ve realized that many standard plans miss three key insights. At the Lab, we’ve got you covered.

Insight # 1:

Spending is Not Static

Insight # 2:

Economic Conditions Matter

Insight # 3:

Taxes are Not Fixed

Not All Plans Are
Created Equal

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Retiring comfortably and with confidence is not only a necessity, it is a requirement. Together, we will create a plan to simplify your life so you can live your dream.

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Spending is Not Static

Most plans assume spending is constant throughout retirement, reality (and research) suggests otherwise.

When you first retire, spending is high – think trips, hobbies, dining out. But as you age, you slow down and spend less.

Eventually, healthcare spending increases while discretionary spending slows down.

Economic Conditions Matter

Most plans assume economic conditions are the same regardless of when you retire, reality (and research) suggest otherwise.

In 1984, $1 million in savings could support $13,000 monthly spending. But in 1967, this would only be $8,000.

We analyze over a century of economic trends to understand if today looks like 1984 or 1967. While we can’t predict the future, we can assess today’s economic climate quite well.

Taxes are Not Fixed

Most plans assume taxes are set in stone, but reality and (research) suggests otherwise.

A $1 million 401-k is really split between you and Uncle Sam. And Uncle Sam wants 30%.

Strategic tax planning can decrease that 30% burden and keep more money in your pocket.