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5 Questions You Need to Answer

A successful retirement goes far beyond just picking the right investment portfolio. It’s about sustainable spending, tax strategies, social security benefits, etc.

Learn how these critical elements play a key role in your retirement comfort and stability, offering you peace of mind beyond the numbers.

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Will My Money Last?

Are you worried about running out of savings in retirement? Let us put your fears to rest. In our years of helping clients retire, we’ve never seen anyone exhaust their portfolio.

What actually happens is a little fine-tuning here and there if the plan gets off track. It’s about tightening the belt a smidge but never about financial ruin.

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How Much Can I Safely Spend?

Maximize your financial wellness with Eliot Rose Wealth Management as you transition into your golden years. Dive deep into actionable steps that help you manage your finances with precision to achieve a worry-free retirement.

Explore the critical concepts of smart spending and strategic saving, emphasizing how to balance the enjoyment of today’s lifestyle while securing a robust financial future.

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The Truth About the 4% Rule

Think the 4% rule is the one-size-fits-all for retirement spending? Think again! This video dives into why the famous 4% withdrawal strategy might not suit everyone.

From considering your unique lifestyle, health, and income streams to the reality of fluctuating expenses over the years, we explain why a personalized approach is key.

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Social Security - Now or Later?

How much you collect in retirement depends mostly on your earnings throughout your career. But did you know there’s a powerful strategy to increase your monthly check?

Discover expert advice, insider tips, and strategic insights to help you make informed decisions about your retirement benefits. 

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